Boynton Beach CRA Director Actions

Reading the Palm Beach Post headline “Boynton CRA director refuses office access to Mayor, calls Police”…. made me realize how destructive the actions of our present Boynton Beach CRA Director have become.   At this point it renders her totally ineffective

At the 6/8 CRA Board meeting the Board has requested that CRA Director Lisa Bright and CRA Board Chairman (Mayor)Jose Rodriguez work together on the former Holiday House project to become the new CRA home.   The very visually blighted areas of downtown Boynton Beach have been and remain blighted.  It appears that our CRA is comfortable with the status quo and has to be prodded to seek  innovative solutions.  Converting the Holiday House to house the CRA staff was a suggestion which had to circumvent Ms Bright’s objections to working with the principal owner of this property.  Now it may be that the present CRA Director doesn’t wish to work with the CRA Board Chairman on this opportunity to bring hope to a blighted area…..

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