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(An Open Letter to the Elected Officials of Boynton Beach)

If you are reading this you are probably at a computer. Google “Boynton Beach CRA” and right up there is a headline which causes me and other Boynton Beach citizens much…(you fill that in). When the comments cease, the headline will stop coming up so prominently in google searches. That’s why I stopped writing comments there. I am “Victoria”. Know that I reported two comments to the newspaper’s editor as “abusive”. Gave my reasons and they were removed.

On this blog, comments must be approved by me.

I have been spending a lot of time reading and researching about our CRA and other CRAs. Gained a lot of knowledge about CRA matters
Read the OLD minutes of our CRA Board meetings to learn what is the history of our CRA Directors and staff? What happened to cause our City Commission to disband the seven member independent board?
Checking and cross-checking my research lead me here to many articles in our leading local newspapers. To be fair, I will give you one of each:

July 13, 2006

(Saying doesn’t make it so)

and Nov 6, 2007
(Deja Vu!)

We the citizens of Boynton Beach hope that our elected City Commissioners will listen to us NOW although…. it isn’t election time.  All FIVE represent ALL of us.  Our Commissioners, while elected from districts, have the responsibility and duty to work for the betterment of the ENTIRE City.

Please look at of our Downtown. The decrepit conditions, the tall huge new building, right in the center and so empty looking. It speaks volumes…

PS Will send to the members of our elected City Commission an email notifying them of this blog entry.

6 comments to Boynton Beach’s Reputation

  • Rachel C

    Thank you for your research. I found this article when I was looking up city incentive programs for homeowners. In my research I’ve been finding a lot of articles about the BB CRA and the mayor. As a mom working extra hours to make it in this economy I don’t have the time to research the history. What is the fighting all about? Why are the mayor and the CRA so extreme? Also thank you for the other article that shows where you can see the meetings online. I saw the one that you were talking about and the one before it. I find it disturbing that Holzman brought up the vacation thing in May and then we find out in June that this was over something that happened between the mayor and Bright. How was this Holzman’s issue. I know they ran on a ticket together but this looks like they talk about meeting stuff outside of the meeting. Correct me if I’m wrong but they aren’t supposed to do that? And the mayor gave very long and emotional speeches about vacation time and the election thing. As entertaining as this is to watch the reality that our city leaders are doing this is not funny at all. Just what is really going on here and I hope this doesn’t get in the way of approving people for home incentives.

  • Victoria

    Hello Rachel C

    When you wrote “As a mom working extra hours to make it in this economy I DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO RESEARCH…” you hit a sensitive spot in my heart.

    Most of our caring, hardworking, good people of the downtown area of Boynton Beach are in your position. That’s why I am trying as best as I can to do the work for you. My view of Boynton Beach politics goes back 50 years. You have access to a computer so I can reach you easily to give you the benefit of my experience and knowledge.

    The CRA meeting video you viewed was 14 DAYS OLD. Right now the CRA can put up the audio portion of its meetings IN ONE DAY. Why does it not do so. It is NOT because of the cost. City Clerk recordings of their meetings are readily available to them. I will be at the next CRA meeting to ask them.

    My research has lead me to strongly prefer that our elected officials..THE CITY COMMISSION of BOYNTON BEACH…remain as the Boynton Beach CRA Board. Two independent members to bring additional insight is a great compromise. WE THE TAXPAYERS/CITIZENS WILL HAVE LITTLE VOICE WITHOUT OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ON THAT BOARD.

    Let us not discount this because Mayor Rodriquez supported the motion. Yes, he may not be the easiest person to work with, but on this one he is right.

  • Can't Hide

    I read in the paper that you discovered a link between Lisa Bright and one of her preferred CRA vendors. If she had not disclosed this, then Bravo! What about the link between the Mayor and the attorney that represents many of the developers who come before the Commission? Mayor Rodriquez has a company called Reguez Investments whose address is listed at Michael Weiner’s property (and previous office), 217 N. Seacrest, since May 2009. Good for the goose……

  • Victoria

    Thank you for doing your due diligence. If you think there is a problem, expose it. That’s what makes for a good community. I am in the City Minutes. Contact me and we can work together for the betterment of our City.

  • Victoria

    Today this is the headline in the PalmBeachPost

    Judge rules in favor of Boynton Beach CRA in Lisa Bright case

    The legal battle between the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency and its former head, Lisa Bright, has come to an end — at least temporarily. Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jack Cox, in an order signed Sept. 25, said that there is no evidence that Bright acted as a “whistle blower”or …
    7:00 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013

  • Victoria

    And today’s (10/7/2013) Palm Beach Post editorial asks a very good question
    Boynton Beach wins big. Why is Mayor Taylor unhappy?

    Whose side is Jerry Taylor on?

    Boynton Beach’s mayor should have been celebrating last week. Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jack Cook gave the city an all-counts victory in the lawsuit by former Community Redevelopment Agency Director Lisa Bright. No, Judge Cox ruled, Ms. Bright did not qualify as a whistle-blower, because she never blew the whistle on anything and never sought whistle-blower protection. No, Judge Cox ruled, the city did not wrongfully prosecute Ms. Bright. No, Judge Cox ruled, the city did not fire Ms. Bright in retaliation for being a whistle-blower. No, Judge Cox ruled, the CRA doesn’t owe Ms. Bright her job or back pay. No, Judge Cox ruled, there is no new evidence that justifies Ms. Bright amending her lawsuit.

    Great news for Boynton Beach, right? Instead, Mayor Taylor grumbled, calling himself shocked. In an interview Monday, he called Ms. Bright’s firing “an injustice,” saying there was “a lot of evidence” in Ms. Bright’s favor. Mayor Taylor speculated that a jury might have “really socked it to them.” The “them” would be Boynton Beach. Him.

    Before and after returning to office in November 2011, Mayor Taylor has said the city should settle with Ms. Bright. Fortunately, he got no takers on the commission. Merely making such statements publicly and not in a closed discussion, however, could embolden the persistent Ms. Bright, who now would like to sue the city itself.

    In fact, the CRA had plenty of reasons to fire Ms. Bright in September 2010. The previous June, she blocked former Mayor Jose Rodriguez and a city resident from entering the agency’s offices. The two men wanted to review agency documents. Rodriguez was Ms. Bright’s nemesis when the two were in office, but just because he pleaded guilty this year to a public corruption charge doesn’t make Ms. Bright’s case less flimsy.

    Indeed, Judge Cox reaffirmed the validity of the conflict-of-interest accusation Rodriguez made against Ms. Bright. While CRA director, she lived a cottage in Delray Beach owned by the man whose company had CRA contracts worth nearly $200,000 to provide entertainment. Ms. Bright did not disclose this relationship, which she used so that her daughter could attend a school outside the girl’s normal boundary. The burden, Judge Cox ruled, thus shifts to Ms. Bright to show that she was wrongfully fired. She has not.

    Of the five city commission members, only Mayor Taylor remains from the period in Boynton Beach politics covered in the lawsuit. Marlene Ross, who also defended Ms. Bright far too long, last week settled the ethics case dating to her time on the commission. If there is finally to be a new Boynton Beach, there must be no more Lisa Bright defenders.

    Randy Schultz

    for The Post Editorial Board

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