On Monday, July 26 Let's Look at the CRA's books...

…not fast pretty pictures in PowerPoint presentations.  This morning I emailed Lisa Bright:

Sent: Friday, July 23, 2010 7:44 AM
Subject: 7/26/2010 CRA Board agenda / Back-up
Good Morning Lisa,
Please advise how I can obtain the back-up information to the
Thank you,

I am an accountant.   You, my readers, may not be. I will help anyone who wishes to learn how to “read the books” .  It is OUR money which is being spent.  Large salaries are being paid

Let’s all attend   the CRA Budget Work Shop on MONDAY July 26 at the Boynton Beach Library 6:30-9pm

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  • Victoria

    For those of you who wish to study the figures over the weekend, here it is CRA budget information online:

    Go to: ftp://www.ci.boynton-beach.fl.us/CRA/

    The login is: ftp4cra

    The password is: ptf4cra

  • Rob

    Just got done downloading it. THANK YOU for doing this legwork. It appears that total CRA salaries are $794K, not over $1 mil, as Rodriguez said. Still only $877K if they are allowed to save for retirement. I guess math is not his strong point. (not that I’m so great at it)

    Are you a CPA? What is your professional opinion?

  • Victoria

    I am not a CPA.. I have extensive accounting experience and access to CPAs. I am the CFO of Castello Cities Internet Network (www.ccin.com)of which BoyntonBeach.com is part.
    With the “perks” Rodriquez is pretty close.
    Do come to the CRA Budget workshop. You will find it interesting. I attended all three days of our City’s budget discussions and learned a lot.
    Thanks for your input.

  • Pat

    Let’s compare notes:

    What I see in the CRA budget is that the recent proposals for an Old High School Consultant ($52,000), the City HR ILA (11,000 spent vs $5,000 for an HR Consultant), and the Holiday House ($57,500 Rent and Storage increase vs $50,000 tax decrease) comes to $65,500. That’s money that could be used for Residential Improvement Program or the HOB Project. That $65,500 is not going toward CRA residents. Those three new proposals were all from the Chairman. I wish he could explain why he is not spending in the peoples’ interest.

    I cannot attend the meeting tonight because of family priorities. Please update us all.

    Thank you,

  • Barbara Ready

    Hey Pat or Rob or Wow or whoever you are, why not use your own email address instead of mine? Maybe because it would prove that you and your staff are writing all of your own cheerleading LB?
    Very rude of you to accuse Victoria of racism when it’s you who is trying to drum up black community resentment with your blog entry above as you imply the Mayor/Chair is stealing “their tax dollars” for projects other than MLK stuff. That’s a sure fired way to get the MLK community ticked off over nothing. The CRA encompasses more than MLK and they’re smart enough to see through you.
    As far as explaining why the Mayor/Chair “is not spending in the people’s interest” it’s clear from your list of 3 things that the Mayor/Chair ABSOLUTELY IS spending in the people’s interest.
    The money for the financial feasibility study for the Old High School is a long time coming and would bring us one step closer to having the Community Cultural Center that the people have been asking you for for several years now.
    Funny how ex Mayor Jerry Taylor stood up tonight at the CRA budget workshop to try to do your dirty work and take a stab at killing the Old School as usual by attempting to choke any funds that would save the it. Some things never change.
    I shudder to think what the “independent” CRA board would look like with his horrible agenda of accomplishing nothing back in charge.
    As far as the City HR ILA being forced upon you, it’s because you are not trustworthy and have publicly admitted that you do not keep track of your own employees. Money well spent as far as I’m concerned. Maybe we should deduct it from your $128k salary, since it’s a task you won’t do?
    The third thing you’re bellyaching about is how you’re being forced to do your job once again and remove the blight that is the former Holiday House. Oh NO! You have to do some work and fix the place up! You can’t move your spoiled rear end into spic and span new digs! I would think it would be very cool to have a place to fix up exactly how you’d like it to be. Get over it.
    The issue is NOT about having 2 strong willed people butting heads. The issue is we have a CRA Director employee who has lied and deceived and tried to cover it up with more lies.
    That has nothing to do with being strong willed, it has to do with fraud and a lack of ethics, and no matter how many times you try to change the subject, you’re fooling no one. Hard to understand why you can’t see the writing on the wall and simply move along.
    It’s irreconcilable differences.
    There are no more kumbaya songs to sing.
    The people spoke, they chose Rodriguez. You are an employee who has lied and committed fraud.
    If Rodriguez got 3% of the vote with 1948 votes, what tiny percentages did the rest of the Commissioners get? Seems to me that 3% is way more than any of the rest of the Commissioners got.
    How about this stat: Weiland who was supported by Jerry Taylor and all of the CRA staff got a whopping 17% of the total 100% votes cast. If that isn’t a statement by the people against the agenda of the CRA staff and Jerry Taylor, I don’t know what is.
    And oh yeah, I read the investigator’s report on the electioneering charge, and all I can say is could you guys be any bigger of a bunch of big fat liars?
    I know who I saw inside Weiland’s political gathering, and you have the gall to say straight faced to me you were not there?
    Mind boggling. Utterly mind boggling.

  • Dear Barbara

    This used to be a nice forum. Very different from the Palm Beach Post where you usually make your statements.

    I know it may be hard for someone so emotionally involved to see that someone else besides CRA staff could be interested in the CRA and its effects on our city. Everyone has an opinion, but your accusations about me and other people are radical and unfounded. Please expend this energy in a more constructive – not destructive – way.

    And the rumor about Ms. Lyon is racist. I’m not saying Victoria is one. I love her and this site. Please don’t ruin that for me or anyone else.

  • Victoria

    Hello “Dear Barbara”

    Why are you using Barbara Ready’s email address to get on this blog???

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