Boynton Beach CRA doesn’t make it easy for us….

Our CRA District is about one-third of our entire City.  Information about our CRA should be readily available to us, the taxpayers of Boynton Beach.  Why are the taxpayers not allowed to get the back-up information to the items on the CRA Board meetings agenda without CALLING the CRA office.  Some of our taxpayers may not find it convenient to telephone.  We may be out of the country but still want this information because we have the time and inclination to read and research for some of our citizens who cannot. 

The back-up information to the items of City Commission meetings is online within the required 48 hrs before the meeting.   Why isn’t the CRA back-up information readily available online??? 

Our of Boynton Beach City Commission who sits as the CRA Board should demand that this be corrected immediately

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  • Citizen for Transparent Gov

    The Financial Advisory Board does not make it easy for us . . .

    The Fin Ad Board is making decisions about our city’s financial policy. Why aren’t the taxpayers allowed to view the backup material to the meetings? There is not even an office to CALL. The back-up information to the items of the City Commission meetings are only online 48 hours before a meeting, which is clearly not enough time, however the Fin Ad Board provides nothing. Why isn’t the Fin Ad Board’s information readily available online???

    The Boynton Beach CRA and City Commission allow those who cannot personally attend the meetings to hear them on audio or video. That’s what makes them PUBLIC. However, the Fin Ad Board does not provide either. The Fin Ad Board’s meeting minutes are online MONTHS after each meeting.

    The Boynton Beach City Commission who governs the Fin Ad Board should demand that this be corrected immediately.

    Hypocrites should expect that their actions would be brought up to them.

  • victoria

    The Financal Advisory Board ONLY advises the City Commission. They do not make the decisions which impact our city. All advisory boards meetings are open to the public. You should check with the City Clerk’s office about getting access to the minutes of any advisory board.

  • Citizen for Transparent Gov

    Do you really expect that to fly as an excuse? The CRA staff ONLY advises the City Commission/CRA Board. If you really think that the Fin Ad Board doesn’t make decisions that impact the city, then you should clearly NOT be on the board. What makes the Fin Ad Board so special that they can hide information at the City Clerk’s office but you make different demands on CRA information? Try to give us a reply that doesn’t make you look more like a hypocrite.

  • Victoria

    Let’s start the New Year right. For starters it is the Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) not a board. Its meetings are listed on the City’s website and it’s chairman, Don Scantlan, explained its working pretty well in another comment. The FAC’s information is available as he stated.

    I am not a hypocrite, just a long time citizen who tries to make it right. I can use some help and welcome insightful comments.

    The CRA information is now readily available online. Our CRA deserves our support.

    BTW, I am no longer a member of FAC but I, like you, will stay informed. At my end I will lend them my support when requested. How about you?

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