District 4 residents....

At the Financial Advisory Committee meeting on Monday, November 15th its chairman, Don Scantlan, announced that he will be running for commissioner of District 4 in the next election.   That position is presently held by vice-mayor Marlene Ross. 

Don explains, “I am running my campaign as if I am being hired by the residents/citizens of District four for the job of representing them.”   He can be reached by email at scantlan4bbcc@aol.com

4 comments to District 4 residents….

  • Citizen for Transparent Gov

    You can’t vote for this guy. He is also on the Fin Ad Board. How can he represent anyone if people don’t know what he is doing? How can the people make sure he is working in their interest? If he wants a job interview in this town, he has to let us see his work!

  • victoria

    Hello “Citizen for Transparent Gov”

    Hope that you will attend the Financial Advisory Committee on Monday Nov 29, at 6:00pm, at our Library, located at 208 S. Seacrest Blvd.

  • Citizen for Transparent Gov

    Why should working people with families be left out of this so-called “public” meeting? Why do they do these things when people are sitting down for dinner? Just make the back up material avaiable online at a reasonable time before the meeting. Make the board members accessable. Make the meeting minutes available right away after the meeting. You could learn something from the commission and CRA. No more excuses.

  • Don Scantlan

    To “Citizen for Transparent Gov.”
    1. You can vote for me (if you are a registered voter in BB-D4). The Fin Adv Bd is a volunteer board (as are all of the City’s advisory boards), if elected I will, of course, have to vacate the position on the board (much as Commissioner Orlove did when he was elected). The meetings are announced on the city’s web site, are very public, and the minutes are also published on the city’s web site as soon as the City Clerk’s office can get them posted. You can make sure I am working in the citizens interest by: 1)attending the meetings, 2)reading the minutes, 3)contacting me at the address shown in the article above or any of the other ways assured by FL’s Government in Sunshine law. You can see my work (it is not just my work but, the work of many other volunteers as well) by attending city advisory board meetings (or maybe volunteering for one yourself). The meetings are held when public places, city staff, and volunteers (many are working professionals) are available. The agendas and minutes (for all adv bds) are posted by the city as required.

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