Boynton Beach Adopts Historic Preservation Program

For over one year the members of the AdHoc Historic Preservation Commission has worked on this.  Their recommendation of having a full time preservation planner to guide Boynton Beach’s future efforts in this area was heeded.  The benefits are many.  Listen to the audio of tonights meeting and you will hear Harvey Oyer speak to us through his son who bears his name.

We uplift our community by showing respect to its history.  At tonight’s Boynton Beach City Commission meeting the unanimous vote indicates commitment to this tremendous benefit to the community!  I came away with the idea that Boynton Beach was on its way.

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  • Is there a way we can get local people and businesses involved in raising funds for restoration projects? The city claims they are broke.

  • Barbara Ready

    Hello Bob and thank you for expressing concern about raising funds for restoration projects. I am a member of the city’s Hist. Pres. Ad Hoc committee, and have led the fight to save our Old High School for reuse as a Community Culural Center. I would be happy to speak with you and fill you in on what’s happening around BB regarding Hist. Pres. efforts. If you are on Facebook, we have a page for the school SAVE HISTORIC BOYNTON HIGH or you can email me at:
    Thank you for reaching out, lots of good stuff is going on!

  • Barbara Ready

    The link to the Save Historic Boynton High page on FB is

    This is an open group, any and all are welcome to join and post comments, questions and ideas.

  • Liz Jesse

    I recently learned about the efforts to save the Historical Boynton Beach High School. I am understanding that a developer has agreed to save this building and remodel using the building for shops and the gymnasium for events. If this isn’t going to cost our city any money, and obviously make money, then WHAT’S THE PROBLEM. My family is all for “Saving the school”. Please keep me informed about how we can help.

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