Those who vote in District 2 and 4 have A BIG DECISION to make.

Maybe the District 4 voters think that the Downtown is not their concern. It most certainly is. A vibrant downtown will eventually lower your taxes. Yes, it is a CRA district for now and the CRA did not do its true function in the PAST. I believe it will…in the FUTURE with the right CRA Board of which your District 4 will be represented.

Marlene Ross voting record is one of a “follower”.  You deserve “a leader” and you will get one in DON SCANTLAN.  I have observed him as a member of the Financial Advisory Committee.

District 2 has a clear choice.  Woodrow Hay did his best and it isn’t good enough.  VICTOR NORFUS has been working for you for years.  It is time to reward his efforts.

Invitations have been delivered to all candidates:
Candidates Forum 2011
Saint John Missionary Baptist Church
900 North Seacrest Boulevard, Boynton Beach – (561) 732-2377
Saturday, March 5th 11am – 1pm
NOTE: Please do not be deterred because this is the black section of our City. You will be surprised by their caring, kind, intelligent concern for our City.

As explanation:

My homestead is just two blocks south of City Hall on Seacrest Blvd. I could walk to the Library and City Hall. We tend to drive but I can tell you those who walk see much more. The slower pace lets you connect things.

In the 50 years I have lived in Boynton Beach I have observed:

People come from other municipalities to our Library, It is friendly, welcoming and well run. I recall when it was discussed to put the Library on Federal Highway (where there is now a city park) across from the almost empty Promenade.  Smarter minds prevailed then

About City Hall…totally different feeling.  9/11 made us a bit more paranoid…but there has always been the “US/they feeling” in City Hall.  Some City adminstrations more than others. Learned in business, and saw it firsthand, that this attitude always comes “from the top down.”  Somehow citizens don’t demand the respect they deserve. If you don’t DEMAND it by VOTING or meeting participation you won’t get RESPECT.  Trust me on that one.

Remember our taxes pay their salaries…no matter if the funds come from our tax roll OR grants from Washington or Tallahassee.  We MUST spend that money well, especially during these difficult financial times.

I see our present election as A CROSSROAD. That is why I am coming out so STRONGLY

Think of the PAST as something which is gone but you must learn from it.   It will keep us from making the same mistakes and its insights allow us to build on our successes.  One thing is certain…we can’t go back and change things

The FUTURE is our vision, our hopes, our dreams. If you read this blog you know that the vision of a vibrant downtown will be directed by the City Commission who now sits as THE CRA BOARD.  WE NEED THE BEST COMMISSION your votes can get us.

DISTRICT 2:  Victor Norfus
DISTRICT 4:  Don Scantlan


  • Mark Karageorge

    The results are in. They speak volumns – Hay won by 75% and Ross by just 7 votes. The people spoke up.

  • Victoria

    Mark, I agree that those who voted have spoken. Those who didn’t vote cannot complain about the results. Right now, in other countries, they are giving up their lives to attain what we take for granted.

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