Powerful Town Meeting in Boynton Beach

On Monday night (1/31) in Boynton Beach the people came to our downtown.   They did not see the blighted North Federal area.   I believe they saw HOPE because a House of Reprsentative elected official had come to hear them.

St Mark’s Parish Hall was jammed with people who came to see and hear newly elected Rep Allen West. I had to taxi in because I knew that parking would be a problem. Arrived too late to hear Mayor Rodriguez’ welcoming speech but just in time to hear West offer to listen to those who had not voted for him.  Made me like the guy immediately.

A full house
It was standing room only.

Heard West explain to the crowd that his and the president’s election indicate that most voters do not vote on the basis of race.

Allen West

Rep West is an articulate and credible speaker.

  Saw that Boynton Beach Police Chief G. Matthew Immler was there. I heard at the City Commission meeting (2/1) that Commissioner Woodrow Hay was there.   

Donald Scantlan, chairman of the Financial Advisory Board  Donald Scantlan and candidate for City Commissioner District 4, stated the financial plight of our city. 

City activist Victor Norfus expressed the need of stopping forclosures which were impacting members of our community. Rep Allen West promised, “..to seek every way possible I can to put more money in the pockets of American individuals, that the most important thing, no more of these bank bailouts, no more of these bailouts for automobile makers.”

Norfus invited Rep West to the Heart of Boynton Heritage Celebration being held at Carolyn Sims Center on February 18th and 19th.  Gave him a flyer.  Rep West said he would come.  I pray that he does attend as the HEART OF BOYNTON BEACH  needs to have its “heart” restarted!    Rep West  definitely inspired this community by his presence and concern.

It was an evening to remember for Boynton Beach.

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