We need the vision which artists can bring for the betterment of Boynton Beach. Our City did a branding survey. “Struggling” and “family friendly” topped the list.  The full news story is found here: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/boynton-beach-branding-surveys-top-response-city-struggling-1409775.html

Most cities of our size are struggling. “Family friendly” is a great complement when you consider the generations and diversity which live harmoniously in our City. Our Mayor says that he wants “to craft a message which distinguishes the city’s attributes and unique characteristics.”

The unique characteristic of Boynton Beach is that it has a fishing fleet which excels in fishing AND friendliness. Learned it firsthand when I was able to get my winter visitors fresh fish from the docks like I had done IN THE 1950’S! They tried the same at other docks and were turned away.

The thought that “this treasure” could be surrounded with more high-risers with more empty units is a vision which I find disturbing.

Artists can see the future better than most.  To the local artists, I send a call…if you have a certain vision for Boynton Beach, put it on your website, let me know and I will link to it.

If you have ideas and no website, that may take a bit longer but I will work to get you recognition for your efforts.

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