WXEL-FM 90.7....I Miss You.

Despite the efforts of many local listeners WXEL was sold to Classical South Florida (CSF) and was renamed WPBI after the station’s purchase in May 2011.

Until last Wed. (9/14) the format which we had grown to enjoy; a mix of classical music, local and national news, locally produced programs about the arts, culture, financial matters and community information events continued.

Now FM 90.7 is around the clock classical music and the all news station is FM 101.9. The bulk of the 101.9 programming will be national and international shows provided by NPR, the BBC, the CBC in Canada and American Public Media, which is the St. Paul, Minn.-based company CFS is affiliated with.  Local events will be one-minute features and local programming will be featured at 7 on weeknights on FM 101.9.

In the past I started my day with WXEL news. Although I have read that the 101.9 signal has been boosted from five watts to 250 watts, I have not been able to receive the station on my radio. I can hear it online. Online just doesn’t work well for me at the start of my day.

So for the present I get my early morning news from the Miami based WLRN-FM 91.3

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