Can Boynton Beach go viral?

Going viral means different things so let’s just focus on the one area which has changed the way we get and transmit information, the Internet

May lose a lot of you from reading this because the Internet is something to which you have not felt connected.   Except for emails from friends and family you don’t have the time or inclination to explore it.  Hope you stay awhile to see what I have to say.  And because you are reading this…share your ideas

The Internet can allow you to explore what interests you.  It is all on your time.  Time is something which can not be extended not matter what our financial situation.   The Internet is yours to use whenever you feel like it….24/7, no time schedules.   That levels the “playing field” because most of us now have less money and more time.

Going viral with ideas of does not call for excessive costs, just focused thinking and good planning.

Right now you are on  It is the top domain name for our City. So much easier to go viral.  No need to build a brand. It is here and its use offered to our City leaders.  No one has come forward.

So let me state it again, “How can help you.”  All that is asked is that you direct and encourage the technical staff needed to make the changes on the website which thoughtful focused planning deems necessary.


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