“Blossoming” seems like the right words for what I see happening. Before I attended the gathering of City leaders discussion of the City’s progress held at Woman’s Club last week, I was aware of it. It started when the CRA’s new home was placed at 710 North Federal Highway which had been a blighted eyesore for years.

Recently a very smart person saw the opportunity in the low priced property set back and across Federal from the CRA office. Bought a large parcel and recently opened the booming eatery/pub with music called Cuthill’s Backyard. Peaceful and friendly with great food during the day, it is transformed into a rocking, gregarious packed group at night. Success follows success so there will be more developement in that area.

Always thought of developement in Boynton Beach in THREE CIRCLES…. The circles being the historical governement area (City Hall and old Boynton Beach High School) the Marina area and the North Federal area, however, there is an area just west of I-95 Boynton Beach Ave (Industrail Arts District) which deserves mention because it is now a hotbed of artistic talent. That talent works 24/7 in an environment which is safe and hospitable.

A new Boynton Beach is emerging. Start looking at the very real possibilities which exist here in our own back yard!


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