Grand Slam off Boynton Beach - Fishing Like It's 1960 Again

Fish story of a lifetime. Catching and releasing a grand slam of a white marlin, three sailfish and a blue marlin trolling just 300 feet off Boynton Beach. Those of you that have lived in Boynton for many years will remember Lyman’s Dock and heading out the Boynton inlet to some of the world’s best fishing. Well, those times were relived once again by the  Geno IV and its crew.

Grand Slam off Boynton Beach…on the Geno IV

Boynton Harbour Marina. 5 fish, including the White Marlin

Coming in the Boynton Inlet….Note the 5 Billfish Release flags, all up-side-down (showing release)…white marlin, blue marlin and 3 sailfish

3 comments to Grand Slam off Boynton Beach – Fishing Like It’s 1960 Again

  • That is great. The Gulf Stream use to bring some of the best fishing to the area. Nice story and pictures.

  • Fishing at Boyton beach, sounds like a great place to take the family for the next beach vacation.

  • Susan Odom

    This blog brought back a lot of memories for me, having lived in Boynton for the entire 60’s decade. Many fishing trips, lots of catches. Capt. Bob Raven (Ridgeway), Capt. Kenny Leonard, Capt. Bob McDaniel to name a few boat captains. The Sally Shall II, The Buccaneer, The Flying Fish, Lyman’s Docks, Boynton Inlet Docks, and on and on. Thanks for bringing some of those memories back.

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