Our Vision for Boynton Beach's Renewal

BoyntonBeach.com City Renewal Proposal – Mission Statement

We are a group of individuals who want to see Boynton Beach, Florida flourish.

We want the world to see what we see in Boynton Beach’s potential, a community that is a gateway to the Gulfstream, with a near perfect climate and warm oceans that is open and ready for sustainable fun and business.

We want to find ways to optimize the quality and sophistication of Boynton Beach by capitalizing on its natural assets and the boldness of a vision that can capture the attention of international tourism and new industry as a tourist destination.

We want our community to grow in positive and constructive ways. We are committed in working along with the City of Boynton Beach, the CRA and the Chamber of Commerce to help promote our ideas.

We are sensitive to the diversity of our community and neighbors, and we believe that the cultural and political differences inherent in our city can combine and unite to form one amalgamated vision wherein the renewal, reconstruction and future development of Boynton Beach will prosper all.

The Four Corners

We envision the pulse of Boynton Beach to be our harbor area, and the Four Corners of US 1 and Ocean Avenue, as central to a section in which art, music and new tourism industries such as eSports and competitive online virtual gaming can become a major attraction.

What we propose:

1) The current Historical Landmark designations of Boynton’s heritage and roots to be established. Many of our members have been part of our community for decades, some for over 50 years, and have invaluable historical knowledge of Boynton.

2) Advance zoning requirements to allow for comprehensive development in planned areas with cultural and environmental interests in mind.

3) Height restrictions of four stories in the Four Corners area.

4) Tax incentives for major corporations that are in sync with the future planning of Boynton Beach. These incentives should be broad and major in order to generate national attention. These initiatives need to be bold enough to warrant national attention.

5) Planning for high visibility of police on foot, bicycle, or Segway in the area will show that Boynton is serious about creating a safe haven for visitors and businesses.
Uniforms for the safety officers in the Four Corners area should reflect their surroundings and environment.

Click here to use Google Maps to walk and view the proposed Four Corners area.

We ask others to join us in formulating ideas that will draw state, national and global attention to Boynton’s renewal. We welcome your feedback, comments and ideas. Please join us.

Victoria Castello

Patricia Oliphant

Michael Castello

David Castello


1 comment to Our Vision for Boynton Beach’s Renewal

  • Victoria

    Was at the City Commission meeting on Tuesday (9/16) and spoke at the Public Audience to explain that Boynton Beach logically should have a station depot when the All Aboard Florida is constructed. Why Boynton Beach? Think about it.

    Boynton Beach is at the VERY center of Palm Beach County. We have the land downtown between Ocean Ave and BB Blvd for a station.

    Water taxis on the Intracoastal are presently being proposed by the County. Boynton Beach’s downtown is closest to the Intracoastal. What has been viewed as a handicap…our narrow downtown…becomes an asset now. The water taxis can bring people to Delray, Lantana, Boca AFTER they spend time walking around in Boynton Beach.

    Now is the time to really start thinking and planning what can “entertain” people in Boynton Beach and encourage them to shop, dine, sightsee, relax and just enjoy…stay and visit!

    All Aboard Florida must be lobbied by us, the City of Boynton Beach, its CRA and Chamber of Commerce to promote the very logical idea of a station depot in Downtown Boynton Beach.

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