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We have a wonderful community….let’s help it get better!    Start here.  This blog will give you a place to voice your ideas and concerns.

Let me tell you about myself.  Our family arrived here in July 1959 from New York City.  A couple in their early 20’s with two toddlers.  Boynton Beach was a small fishing village (Lyman’s Dock) of about 5000 people back then.  Talk about “culture shock”!

You could spot us immediately.  We walked too fast, talked too fast and that New York accent.  I wanted to understand my newly adopted town.  Attending council meetings was my way.  I think that I am in the minutes recorded in 1960.  Joined the League of Women Voters of South Palm Beach.  Even ran for public office in 1972.  The headlines back then said “One woman on the City Council is Enough”.   Although I lost, it didn’t stop me from running again in 1989.  A true politician doesn’t run every 17 years!  It was my way of getting heard about issues that concerned me.

Now I don’t need public office.  I/We have this Blog!

Victoria Castello



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