developement in Boynton Beach

Can Boynton Beach go viral?

Going viral means different things so let’s just focus on the one area which has changed the way we get and transmit information, the Internet

May lose a lot of you from reading this because the Internet is something to which you have not felt connected.   Except for emails from friends and family you don’t have […]


Those who vote in District 2 and 4 have A BIG DECISION to make.

Maybe the District 4 voters think that the Downtown is not their concern. It most certainly is. A vibrant downtown will eventually lower your taxes. Yes, it is a CRA district for now and the CRA did not do its true function […]

Mayor Stifles Resident's SPIRIT but SOUL wins Out

I believe that this is an accurate description of what Mayor Rodriquez did at last night’s (2/17) Commission/CRA workshop meeting and how it worked out.  Don’t know whether this meeting was taped.  It should have been.  My District 3 Commissioner Steven Holtzman was present during the City staff and CRA presentations as they appeared on the agenda:

1. […]

Boynton Beach: Citizens' Alert: Tonight is THE NIGHT!

Become more aware of what will happen in the development process to establish downtown Boynton Beach as the focal point of Palm Beach County.  How many of you know of it strategic location?  Why hasn’t Boynton Beach’s downtown flourished.  My thoughts are that former leaders and decision makers thought of Congress Ave as our “downtown”.  […]

Ocean Breeze Project

Lots of CRA money to be spent here. 

Awaiting Director Lisa Bright’s reply for more info (READ from the bottom up):

—– Original Message —–

From: Victoria Castello To: Bright, Lisa

 Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 10:54 AM

 Subject: Re: Ocean Breeze project

May I have the names of the respondents to date and will you kindly inform me whenever others come […]


Think of it as a HEARING…  Our ELECTED city commissioners sitting as the CRA Board will be asking tough questions of CRA Director Lisa Bright

6:30 – 9:00 PM  at our City Library
For those of you who wish to study the figures NOW,  here it is CRA budget information online:

Go to:

The login is: ftp4cra

The password […]

On Monday, July 26 Let's Look at the CRA's books...

…not fast pretty pictures in PowerPoint presentations.  This morning I emailed Lisa Bright:

From: Victoria Castello
To: Bright, Lisa
Sent: Friday, July 23, 2010 7:44 AM
Subject: 7/26/2010 CRA Board agenda / Back-up
Good Morning Lisa,
Please advise how I can obtain the back-up information to the
7/26/2010 agenda  of  CRA Board
Thank you,

I am an accountant.   You, my readers, may […]

Boynton Beach CRA

Tonight’s meeting is VERY IMPORTANT

7/20: 6:00pm, Special Community Redevelopment Agency Board meeting: City Hall, Commission Chambers, (view Agenda).

This editorial from the Palm Beach Post tells you:

In Boynton, two options: Bring CRA under city staff, or suspend agency director.

“Boynton Beach city commissioners have only two credible options at today’s special meeting to deal with the infighting […]

Boynton Beach's Reputation


(An Open Letter to the Elected Officials of Boynton Beach)

If you are reading this you are probably at a computer. Google “Boynton Beach CRA” and right up there is a headline which causes me and other Boynton Beach citizens much…(you fill that in). When the comments cease, the headline will stop coming […]

Boynton Beach CRA Director Actions

Reading the Palm Beach Post headline “Boynton CRA director refuses office access to Mayor, calls Police”…. made me realize how destructive the actions of our present Boynton Beach CRA Director have become.   At this point it renders her totally ineffective

At the 6/8 CRA Board meeting the Board has requested that CRA Director Lisa Bright and […]



It takes hard work and dedication to improve blighted areas.  CRAs are formed for that purpose.  There are times when the CRA director/staff have to set aside thoughts of “political suicide”, egos, personalities or personal comfort and step up to the plate and support its mission.
Our CRA is one of the largest yet its core, […]