Grand Slam off Boynton Beach - Fishing Like It's 1960 Again

Fish story of a lifetime. Catching and releasing a grand slam of a white marlin, three sailfish and a blue marlin trolling just 300 feet off Boynton Beach. Those of you that have lived in Boynton for many years will remember Lyman’s Dock and heading out the Boynton inlet to some of the world’s best fishing. Well, […]

The Joys of Living Here!

Phillip and Shirley Killion, formerly of Ridgefield, Connecticut, give us their thoughts in their own words, about one of our area’s unique attractions;  Wakodahatchee Wetlands which are located on Jog Road, south of Woolbright Road, just before Lake Ida/ Sims Road. Admission is free for everyone.
Thoughts on the current wood storks nesting in Wakodahatchee, May, […]


developement in Boynton Beach

Can Boynton Beach go viral?

Going viral means different things so let’s just focus on the one area which has changed the way we get and transmit information, the Internet

May lose a lot of you from reading this because the Internet is something to which you have not felt connected.   Except for emails from friends and family you don’t have […]

WXEL-FM 90.7....I Miss You.

Despite the efforts of many local listeners WXEL was sold to Classical South Florida (CSF) and was renamed WPBI after the station’s purchase in May 2011.

Until last Wed. (9/14) the format which we had grown to enjoy; a mix of classical music, local and national news, locally produced programs about the arts, culture, financial matters […]


We need the vision which artists can bring for the betterment of Boynton Beach. Our City did a branding survey. “Struggling” and “family friendly” topped the list.  The full news story is found here:

Most cities of our size are struggling. “Family friendly” is a great complement when you consider the generations and diversity which […]


Those who vote in District 2 and 4 have A BIG DECISION to make.

Maybe the District 4 voters think that the Downtown is not their concern. It most certainly is. A vibrant downtown will eventually lower your taxes. Yes, it is a CRA district for now and the CRA did not do its true function […]

Boynton Beach: Citizens' Alert: Tonight is THE NIGHT!

Become more aware of what will happen in the development process to establish downtown Boynton Beach as the focal point of Palm Beach County.  How many of you know of it strategic location?  Why hasn’t Boynton Beach’s downtown flourished.  My thoughts are that former leaders and decision makers thought of Congress Ave as our “downtown”.  […]

Powerful Town Meeting in Boynton Beach

On Monday night (1/31) in Boynton Beach the people came to our downtown.   They did not see the blighted North Federal area.   I believe they saw HOPE because a House of Reprsentative elected official had come to hear them.

St Mark’s Parish Hall was jammed with people who came to see and hear newly elected Rep […]

Boynton Beach Adopts Historic Preservation Program

For over one year the members of the AdHoc Historic Preservation Commission has worked on this.  Their recommendation of having a full time preservation planner to guide Boynton Beach’s future efforts in this area was heeded.  The benefits are many.  Listen to the audio of tonights meeting and you will hear Harvey Oyer speak to us through his […]

Harvey Oyer, Jr. Tribute

Tonight January 4th at City Hall 6:30pm
We, the grateful citizens of Boynton Beach, shall honor him by our presence.
Boynton Beach is fortunate to have many citizens who take an active role in their community and who are committed to improving the quality of life for everyone who lives, works and plays here. These people offer […]

Florida’s Delicate Ecosystem

Boynton residents who care about it should view videos

This short documentary was filmed at a meeting between Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Director Jack Long and twelve members of the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition (PBCEC). 

Meeting took place Nov. 30, 2009 and focuses on the “pass the buck” mentality between the various state and […]

District 4 residents....

At the Financial Advisory Committee meeting on Monday, November 15th its chairman, Don Scantlan, announced that he will be running for commissioner of District 4 in the next election.   That position is presently held by vice-mayor Marlene Ross. 

Don explains, “I am running my campaign as if I am being hired by the residents/citizens of District four for the job of representing […]

Hello Again Boynton Beach

My first blog entry in a while. 

Let’s go for some good news…. And it is all grouped around next weekend.
Set your computer, calendar, whatever to:

10 a.m. Friday Nov. 12

when Boynton Beach Community High School Choir group will perform on NBC’s “Today” show.  Not an easy feat to become to #1 chorus in the nation by […]

CITIZENS ALERT! Our Boynton Beach District 4 Schools need John McGovern

We must work together to keep this seat in Boynton Boynton. We must not allow this seat to pass into the hands of candidates who, in this most gerrymandered of districts, will not focus on the challenge before us of the need for continuous progress for our District 4 schools – the majority of which are Boynton/Delray/Lake Worth. […]

Ocean Breeze Project

Lots of CRA money to be spent here. 

Awaiting Director Lisa Bright’s reply for more info (READ from the bottom up):

—– Original Message —–

From: Victoria Castello To: Bright, Lisa

 Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 10:54 AM

 Subject: Re: Ocean Breeze project

May I have the names of the respondents to date and will you kindly inform me whenever others come […]


Think of it as a HEARING…  Our ELECTED city commissioners sitting as the CRA Board will be asking tough questions of CRA Director Lisa Bright

6:30 – 9:00 PM  at our City Library
For those of you who wish to study the figures NOW,  here it is CRA budget information online:

Go to:

The login is: ftp4cra

The password […]

On Monday, July 26 Let's Look at the CRA's books...

…not fast pretty pictures in PowerPoint presentations.  This morning I emailed Lisa Bright:

From: Victoria Castello
To: Bright, Lisa
Sent: Friday, July 23, 2010 7:44 AM
Subject: 7/26/2010 CRA Board agenda / Back-up
Good Morning Lisa,
Please advise how I can obtain the back-up information to the
7/26/2010 agenda  of  CRA Board
Thank you,

I am an accountant.   You, my readers, may […]

Boynton Beach CRA

Tonight’s meeting is VERY IMPORTANT

7/20: 6:00pm, Special Community Redevelopment Agency Board meeting: City Hall, Commission Chambers, (view Agenda).

This editorial from the Palm Beach Post tells you:

In Boynton, two options: Bring CRA under city staff, or suspend agency director.

“Boynton Beach city commissioners have only two credible options at today’s special meeting to deal with the infighting […]

Boynton Beach CRA Director Actions

Reading the Palm Beach Post headline “Boynton CRA director refuses office access to Mayor, calls Police”…. made me realize how destructive the actions of our present Boynton Beach CRA Director have become.   At this point it renders her totally ineffective

At the 6/8 CRA Board meeting the Board has requested that CRA Director Lisa Bright and […]