Congratulations to Boynton Beach's newly elected Mayor and Commissioners!

A Warm Welcome to Boynton Beach’s newly elected Mayor Steven Grant, and Commissioners Christina Romelus and Justin Katz who will join present commissioners Mack McCray and Joe Casello.

This 2016 election happened during a time when Boynton Beach’s downtown is changing rapidly. During a huge gathering at Sterling Village, they heard first hand the concerns […]

Boynton Beach Adopts Historic Preservation Program

For over one year the members of the AdHoc Historic Preservation Commission has worked on this.  Their recommendation of having a full time preservation planner to guide Boynton Beach’s future efforts in this area was heeded.  The benefits are many.  Listen to the audio of tonights meeting and you will hear Harvey Oyer speak to us through his […]

Harvey Oyer, Jr. Tribute

Tonight January 4th at City Hall 6:30pm
We, the grateful citizens of Boynton Beach, shall honor him by our presence.
Boynton Beach is fortunate to have many citizens who take an active role in their community and who are committed to improving the quality of life for everyone who lives, works and plays here. These people offer […]

District 4 residents....

At the Financial Advisory Committee meeting on Monday, November 15th its chairman, Don Scantlan, announced that he will be running for commissioner of District 4 in the next election.   That position is presently held by vice-mayor Marlene Ross. 

Don explains, “I am running my campaign as if I am being hired by the residents/citizens of District four for the job of representing […]

Ocean Breeze Project

Lots of CRA money to be spent here. 

Awaiting Director Lisa Bright’s reply for more info (READ from the bottom up):

—– Original Message —–

From: Victoria Castello To: Bright, Lisa

 Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 10:54 AM

 Subject: Re: Ocean Breeze project

May I have the names of the respondents to date and will you kindly inform me whenever others come […]

On Monday, July 26 Let's Look at the CRA's books...

…not fast pretty pictures in PowerPoint presentations.  This morning I emailed Lisa Bright:

From: Victoria Castello
To: Bright, Lisa
Sent: Friday, July 23, 2010 7:44 AM
Subject: 7/26/2010 CRA Board agenda / Back-up
Good Morning Lisa,
Please advise how I can obtain the back-up information to the
7/26/2010 agenda  of  CRA Board
Thank you,

I am an accountant.   You, my readers, may […]

Boynton Beach CRA

Tonight’s meeting is VERY IMPORTANT

7/20: 6:00pm, Special Community Redevelopment Agency Board meeting: City Hall, Commission Chambers, (view Agenda).

This editorial from the Palm Beach Post tells you:

In Boynton, two options: Bring CRA under city staff, or suspend agency director.

“Boynton Beach city commissioners have only two credible options at today’s special meeting to deal with the infighting […]

Boynton Beach CRA Director Actions

Reading the Palm Beach Post headline “Boynton CRA director refuses office access to Mayor, calls Police”…. made me realize how destructive the actions of our present Boynton Beach CRA Director have become.   At this point it renders her totally ineffective

At the 6/8 CRA Board meeting the Board has requested that CRA Director Lisa Bright and […]

Protect the Agricultural Reserve west of Boynton Beach

Broward land developer, GL Homes has requested our County Commissioners consider a trade of about 900 acres of publicly owned farmland in the Agricultural Reserve for about 5,000 acres in Loxahatchee.

Why are we (our County Government) being asked to bail out this developer who purchased 5,000 acres in Loxahatchee/ The Acreage area during the real […]



It takes hard work and dedication to improve blighted areas.  CRAs are formed for that purpose.  There are times when the CRA director/staff have to set aside thoughts of “political suicide”, egos, personalities or personal comfort and step up to the plate and support its mission.
Our CRA is one of the largest yet its core, […]

Can Boynton Beach find the $$$$!

We have heard from our newly elected Mayor that next year our City faces a 5 Million dollar budget shortfall.  With property values falling, property tax revenue is down significantly.  Other cities have bitten the bullet by workforce reduction such as laying off staff, furloughs and hiring freezes.  Our past mayor frowned on that but […]

Earlier Boynton Beach City Commission Meetings?

Tomorrow (5/4) night’s City Commission meeting has on the agenda the request by Commissioner Orlove to consider changing the meeting time from 6:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Since previous commission meetings have been running into the late hours, this may not be a bad idea.   Will it deter citizen participation? It need not. With the […]

Boynton Beach’s Greatest Asset

A vibrant downtown begins with a well-run creatively developed  BOYNTON BEACH MARINA.  Our Marina is one of the last working marinas in Palm Beach County. It is part of Palm Beach County’s strategic plan to activate the Intracoastal Waterway as a means of commerce. 

A public meeting will  be held in the Marina on Monday, April 26, 2010, 4:00 […]


Mayor Rodriquez is on record for an independent CRA Board. The last item on tonight’s (4/20) City Commission meeting:  Item14. UNFINISHED BUSINESS :

A. Review of application packet and process for CRA appointments. City Commission is asked to review the application materials and selection process for appointment of two additional members of the Community Redevelopment Board. […]

6:30 Tuesday April 6, 2010 City Commission Chambers, Boynton Beach City Hall / Mark Your Calendar and Attend

We don’t want it to be “business as usual” because that hasn’t gotten us very far.  Just look at our dismal downtown.   We need your well-thought out ideas, not just complaints.  Mayor Rodriguez was energized by the good attendance at the “Inaugural Commission  Meeting” and asked for continued good attendance.   There were lots of feelings of […]

The official Boynton Beach election figures


The winner was   Jose Rodriguez   with   1,896  which was  35.49%   of the votes .  The others were: 

Brian K. Edwards      1,693         31.69%

Ronald Weiland            948         17.74% 

Carl McCoy                     419             7.64%

Mack McCray               320          5.99%

Cliff Montross                 41            0.77%

Dr. Piotr Blass                  26         0.49%


The winner was  Steven Holzman with 764  which was 58.59% of the votes.  Mark Karageorge received  540  for 41.41%.



Absentee ballots are handled strictly by the Supervisor of Elections. If you have questions in this regard, please call 656-6200.

The last opportunity any of the candidates will have to accept contributions will be at midnight on March 4, 2010. There is a $500 per person limit.

Election Time is here for Boynton Beach. Check out our Candidates. Don’t Complain..VOTE on Tuesday March 9th!

Check out the candidates.  Call them at the number which is public record.  If they are not accessible now… do you think they will be  accessible later if elected?    Finally, try to meet and question them at public forums.


 Commissioners Jose  Rodriguez (561) 628-5792)  and Ronald Weiland (561) 214-1079)  are on our City Commission and CRA Board and have been for several years.   […]

A NEW YEAR and The Beginning of Something Wonderful for OUR CITY

It will take some work, however, if we all do our share and spread the work among people of good will, it will be a labor of love. We all have different talents. Let’s put them to good use for the betterment of our City.

I would love to hear your suggestions. I will be giving […]

Attending a Boynton Beach City Commission Meeting

Attending a City Commission meeting is an experience! Try it…you’ll like it!

The Boynton Beach Commission Chambers in City Hall is pleasant and inviting and COLD so bring a sweater. Preparing should be easy as you can get the AGENDA online. Is The City’s website user-friendly? What do you think?

Let me explain how I did it: […]