Boynton Beach 2019 Election Results

Steven Grant grants@bbfl.us561-742-6010

Mayor Steven Grant was reelected.

Christina Romelus romelusc@bbfl.us561-436-2826

Vice Mayor Christina Romelus was reelected to represent District 3.

Tyrone Penserga

Newcomer, Tyrone Penserga, won the open commission District 4 seat. Their term of office will run to March 2022.

Justin Katzkatzjr@bbfl.us561-827-0407


Our Vision for Boynton Beach's Renewal City Renewal Proposal – Mission Statement

We are a group of individuals who want to see Boynton Beach, Florida flourish.

We want the world to see what we see in Boynton Beach’s potential, a community that is a gateway to the Gulfstream, with a near perfect climate and warm oceans that is open […]

WXEL-FM 90.7....I Miss You.

Despite the efforts of many local listeners WXEL was sold to Classical South Florida (CSF) and was renamed WPBI after the station’s purchase in May 2011.

Until last Wed. (9/14) the format which we had grown to enjoy; a mix of classical music, local and national news, locally produced programs about the arts, culture, financial matters […]

WXEL Community Members Fight To Keep WXEL Local

WXEL community members put up a first rate effort to keep WXEL local at the Board of Education meeting in Miami December 17. About a dozen people from the WXEL community spoke at the meeting, urging the Board to deny the transfer because Classical South Florida is local in name only.

All arguments fell on deaf ears. […]

Vice-Mayor Ross and Commissioner Hay announce they will seek reelection

Announcement was made at this evening’s City Commission meeting. Marlene Ross seeks reelection to represent District 4; Woodrow Hay seeks reelection to represent District 2. Both currently serve as members of the Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. They have served during Boynton Beach’s best of financial times.

Hate to sound like Charles Dickens here, but these […]

Boynton Beach CRA doesn’t make it easy for us….

Our CRA District is about one-third of our entire City.  Information about our CRA should be readily available to us, the taxpayers of Boynton Beach.  Why are the taxpayers not allowed to get the back-up information to the items on the CRA Board meetings agenda without CALLING the CRA office.  Some of our taxpayers may not find it convenient […]

Boynton Beach Taxpayers' Alert!

Just got the good word….The budget is available for viewing online via
Look at it and think of yourself as the business owner of Boynton Beach. More money is going OUT than is coming IN.
Yes, these are difficult times and we have to navigate them with care and good intention.
All ideas given with that thoughtfulness […]

Citizens' ideas are a terrible thing to waste...

Subject:  Unable to access 2010-2011 Proposed Budget online

Hello City Manager Kurt Bressner

On it states:
The City Commission will hold a series of special meetings from Monday, July 19, through Wednesday, July 21, 2010, for the purpose of reviewing the proposed Capital Improvement program for FY2010-2011; the proposed budget for FY2010-2011; adoption of the preliminary Fire […]

Boynton Beach Mayor Rodriquez Cares

After a presentation of the ongoing improvements to the Marina, Mayor Rodriquez conducted a very fruitful meeting wherein the boat slip tenants “wish list” was discussed.
At the top of the list was parking.  Especially annoying to boat owners is that at 8 a.m. on Saturdays public parking becomes restaurant employee parking rather than the intended customer […]

Downtown Boynton Beach Neighborhood Rummage Sale On Saturday, May 15th from 9 - 11AM!

Get to know your Neighbors!… at the newly renovated Pence Park area (SE 5th Avenue and SE 4th Street).  Bring your gently used items out for sale and enjoy a pleasant time.

Boynton Beach Recreation and Parks will provide a FREE table to those who RSVP by May 1.   So call 742-6243 or email your name, […]

“THANK YOU Steve Holzman” for Representing Boynton Beach

Do we ever tell the City Commissioner who represents us?  Well I did this morning to the newly elected District 3 Commissioner Steven Holzman.  Let me share it with you:

“Good Morning Commissioner Holzman,
Thank you for representing me, and our District 3, so well at last night’s City Commission meeting regarding the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.  That our City […]

HELP HAITI via Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County

Habitat for Humanity is ALREADY ACTIVE in the recovery…due to communication being knocked out, they have been unable to reach many of their staffbased in Port Au Prince – still gathering information on the status of the Habitat for Humanity homes, families, offices, etc. But, ARE AWARE that THOUSANDS will be in need of their […]

COMMUNITY RELATIONS Is there anything more important?

We are all  part of this city…men, women, young, old,  black, white.  You name it, we are here.  Think of our community  as a symphony.  The music can be beautiful or it can be  discordant; devoid of harmony and accord.

Think of ourselves as players of  instruments as we hear the sounds in our minds which […]

Old School issue was tabled to Boynton Beach City Commission meeting of January 19, 2009

The matter was NOT discussed at the City Commission meeting on Tuesday night January 5, 2009

Commissioner Marlene Ross had a family emergency and had to leave the dais early, and she requested that the Old School be postponed until the next Commission meeting on January 19th. So we will have time between now and then […]

Hit the Ground Running

Attended a 10am meeting at St. John Missionary Baptist Church 900 N. Seacrest Boulevard about education of black children. See
and a 5pm meeting at Fire Station 2 located at 2615 West Woolbright Road about Historic Resources. A part of this important issue is on TONIGHT’S City Commission meeting agenda.
I suggest that you go to […]


Say that you are a Boynton Beach citizen who wants to be informed about what
is on the agenda for a Commission meeting. If you do not have a computer, you can go to City Hall
and there are copies in the lobby.

What recently occurred regarding the December 1, 2009 meeting was deceitful. Looking at the Agenda […]


I want this to be the best blog for the residents of Boynton Beach.  I will do the very best to keep them informed.  I have no axe to grind…just want responsible  government

Got back too late from California to attend the last Commission meeting. Checked the audio on line:


After reading the comments to […]

The Police Station’s proposed location

Hear All About it!

A copy of the audio recording from November 17, 2009, City Commission meeting is now online at the City of Boynton Beach website.

The web page can be directly accessed here, and scroll down to Item III, under “Review presentations: Space needs of Police and/or City Hall”.



Last night the citizens of Boynton Beach witnessed  classic money controlled representation.   We are moving our central Police Department to a shopping center! 

Of the four proposals, only the THE PATRINELY GROUP  presented ideas for our southeastern district which are aligned with the redevelopment of our Downtown Master Plan,  the City Commission’s approved plan.


Boynton Beach’s Vision Downtown….or Anywhere

Let treat this as a story line for a play…..

The characters are listed here:

Notice that the Boynton Beach CRA Board of Directors are also the elected officials of the Boynton Beach City Commission of Boynton Beach

The first scene opens at […]