Boynton Beach: Citizens' Alert: Tonight is THE NIGHT!

Become more aware of what will happen in the development process to establish downtown Boynton Beach as the focal point of Palm Beach County.  How many of you know of it strategic location?  Why hasn’t Boynton Beach’s downtown flourished.  My thoughts are that former leaders and decision makers thought of Congress Ave as our “downtown”.  […]

On Monday, July 26 Let's Look at the CRA's books...

…not fast pretty pictures in PowerPoint presentations.  This morning I emailed Lisa Bright:

From: Victoria Castello
To: Bright, Lisa
Sent: Friday, July 23, 2010 7:44 AM
Subject: 7/26/2010 CRA Board agenda / Back-up
Good Morning Lisa,
Please advise how I can obtain the back-up information to the
7/26/2010 agenda  of  CRA Board
Thank you,

I am an accountant.   You, my readers, may […]

Boynton Begins Blog

We have a wonderful community….let’s help it get better!    Start here.  This blog will give you a place to voice your ideas and concerns.

Let me tell you about myself.  Our family arrived here in July 1959 from New York City.  A couple in their early 20’s with two toddlers.  Boynton Beach was a small fishing village (Lyman’s Dock) of about […]